we all know what this is about.

beast at their first mission


More drawings here!
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9 out of hae’s many failed winks

2NE1 + color palettes {insp.}

I. Line between artist and idol…”the prejudice is disappointing”

JH: “I’m grateful that people see me as an artist or an idol, but I don’t want to be defined by that. I will continue to work hard until people realize my music abilities and this is something that I can’t infuse on to the public […] I think I can see my future in a producer who makes music and assign concepts, not a producer who owns a company.”


Women according to Hyorin

Well you wouldn't expect him to make his own coffee 
Anonymous asked: You are beautiful! ♥

i know hahahahahaha

just jk :)) but thank you ^_^

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